If you have come across a wasp nest (or several) or just have a lot of them hanging around your property, or maybe some have found their way inside, our exterminators can help you fine relief safely.

Wasps can sting and this can be very painful

They are very dangerous to those who are allergic to stinging insects. Sometimes people mistake other stinging insects for wasps so in the event you aren’t sure exactly what kind of pest it is, our pest experts can come to your property and determine this for you.

Wasps can become very aggressive

They have the ability to sting more than once. Many will spray them located on the exterior of their home with store-purchased products but if you have a significant number of wasps around, it’s a safer bet to call on the professional exterminators; ours are standing by and ready to assist you. Just phone us at (317) 759-7670 today!

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