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Cricket Control

Crickets can be very annoying critters to have inside of your property. If you have a cricket problem, call us right away. 

Protect Your Home and Property

While the biggest complaint we receive from residents dealing with crickets invading their property is just how noisy these pests are, some of them can also cause damage to your property. The males are those that chirp and this is typically the first thing property owners notice. The second way to learn you have a cricket problem is by discovering them all throughout your property.

Don’t Ignore A Cricket Invasion In Your Home

They can damage your fruits, veggies, paper, silk and wool. They can cause a loss of sleep because of their consistent chirping at night while you’re trying to get some rest.

An Expert Exterminator Is What You Need

Our pest control experts have the solutions to help eliminate these disruptive nuisances and we also have methods for preventing future problems. If you worry you have a cricket problem just call (317) 759-7670 and let our exterminators come out and help you obtain a peaceful environment once again, void of these noisy little pests.