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Stink Bug Control

Stink bugs are becoming a big problem in Indianapolis for a lot of people. Call us today to get your problem fixed quickly.

Protect Your Home and Property

Stink bugs are not the most intimidating in appearance but they sure can be a smelly pest to endure. As their name suggests, if you smash or step on them you will notice the foul odor they emit. They also put off this unpleasant odor when they feel threatened as a defense mechanism.

Don’t Share Your House With Stink Bugs

Homes and properties on or near farms and gardens will likely see more stink bugs. You will mostly notice them outside during the warmer months but as the cold approaches you might start seeing them in your property. They go inside to find warmth but nobody wants to share a home with them.

Effective and Quality Stink Bug Extermination

Our solutions can help you achieve and maintain relief from unwanted stink bugs. You can count on us to properly apply treatments and can get a quote for services by calling (317) 759-7670. We look forward to speaking with you!