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Mosquito Control

If you have kept up with the news lately you know that mosquitoes are becoming a larger problem in the Indianapolis area, along with other areas across Marion County.

Never Disregard A Mosquito Problem

They will eagerly establish breeding grounds among stagnant or standing water. What many people don’t realize is by eliminating any of these water sources around the property, you can greatly reduce their population.

We understand people who love decorating their lawns might have bird baths or fountains. This is fine, but it’s important to remember that these need to be cleaned regularly to avoid mosquitoes inhabiting the stagnant water.

Don’t Put Your Family In Mosquito Danger

In addition to eliminating obvious standing water, clean out your home’s gutters regularly as well. When a gutter becomes blocked it can allow water to pool and puddle, creating an invitation to mosquitoes.

Our Indianapolis exterminators can come to your property and help with a thorough inspection. Our trained experts know exactly what to look for and where and could likely identify any potential locations at risk for becoming mosquito breeding grounds.

Learn more about our services and get relief from unwanted mosquitoes once and for all.