Rats, like mice, can be a huge and harmful nuisance to have in your home or any property for that matter. They can carry very harmful diseases and transmit them to you or the occupants of the property, causing health problems in addition to a potential infestation.

How can you be sure you have rats?

If you notice their feces, actually see a rat or hear them (often at night) you likely have them in the home. Their feces is larger than mouse feces and is one way to determine one from the other. Because they are larger than mice, naturally their feces is too.

In addition to being at risk for health issues, they can also chew on valuables in your property and should they find important wires and cables they could also be a fire hazard. They build large nests and use any materials nearby (where more destruction of your property comes into play) and can reproduce very quickly.

All of the reasons above are solid reasons for calling on our professional exterminators. We have the affordable and effective solutions you desire with professional exterminators handling the treatment of your home.

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