We offer a number of Indianapolis pest services including superior control, extermination and pest prevention services for the Indianapolis area.

Residential Pest Control Services: Aside from the typical as-needed pest control services, timely service plans with no long-term contract required. We’ll come out to your home (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and help to prevent pests from ever becoming a problem in your home. We offer effective, superior pest solutions to control fleas, rodents, moles, gophers, cockroaches, ants and so many more Indianapolis pests.

Commercial Pest Control Services: We provide pest control services designed to prevent commercial buildings from being invaded by common crawling insects, rodents, and pests. We can get rid of your existing Indianapolis pest problem, as well as prevent future problems.

Green Solutions: Our green solutions division provides control of structure-invading pests without the use of traditional chemical sprays or standard pesticide methods. We offer only the best of quality regarding our natural, ‘green’ alternatives that are non-toxic and safer for the environment.

More Indianapolis Pests We Treat:

If you don’t see the pest listed here that you’re having problems with just phone us now at and we’ll discuss your treatment options further. We can treat a wide variety of Indianapolis pests so we encourage you to call us regardless – even if we can’t help we can likely point you in the right direction for getting the appropriate help.

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