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We take pride in protecting the residents from bed bugs. Unfortunately, it seems that they are on the rise. While there has not been any confirmation on just why they are showing up recently, many seem to believe it’s from buying used furniture from Craigslist and accidentally bringing these ones home.

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We get it – nobody likes the thought of knowing (or even suspecting) that bed bugs are actually in their home or property.  It brings about a sense of filth, disgust, frustration and then for many, panic. Why panic? Because if you are like most, you have done some research on them at some point in time, and then learned just how hard it can be to eradicate them, not to mention how much more it can cost versus the cost of treating more ‘common’ pests; ants, spiders, etc.

This is merely because the majority of solutions do not work for eliminating bed bugs unless a professional is involved. You can find home remedies and other means of eliminating them, but we advise speaking with a professional exterminator before taking any action that involves an expense. Even if you decide not to go with our solutions, we can likely provide some helpful information and tips on what the best option is going to be based on the information you provide when you call.

They suck your blood using a stylet and a numbing agent inside their saliva makes it feel like a pinprick when they begin feeding. The slight pinch of a pin pricking the skin is likely not enough to wake you up while you’re asleep.

First and foremost we advise you do your own inspection if you suspect them in your home or property. Just a quick, simple inspection and even then, we encourage you to call us to see how we can help and let our professionals come inspect the property more thoroughly if need be.

  • Inspect all of your bedding; including pillowcases because they like the crevices found here.
  • Inspect your bed; headboard, foot board, and frame.
  • Inspect your mattresses; both box springs and mattress should be carefully inspected, paying close attention to the seams. It won’t be very noticeable if you don’t have a significant infestation, however should there be a lot of them you will definitely come across some evidence on the mattress.
  • Inspect nearby furniture; nightstands, wall decor, electrical outlets, curtains, etc. Every piece of furniture and place where bed bugs could easily be hiding needs to be checked and examined for signs of them.

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