About Indianapolis

This is located in central Indiana. It is known for the Indiana Pacers, the Indianapolis Colts, and the 500 race. It is sometimes called “Nap town” or the Crossroads of America.

The approximate population is 855,164 in 2015

It is the second most populated city in the Midwest and the 15th most populated city in the United States.  It has the 34th most populated metro area in the United States with 2.38 million people.  IT covers 372 miles and by land area ranks as the 16th largest city in the United States.

It was founded in 1821 and was designated as the government of Indiana, and was platted by Alexander Ralston and Elias Pym Fordham adjacent to the White River.

The Solider’s and Sailor’s monument, dedicated in 1902 would be the city’s symbol.  Ray Harroun won the first running of the Indianapolis 500, and it was one of the hardest hit cities hit in 1913 with 7000 families losing their home and five deaths.

It was a stop on the underground railroad and had a higher black population than any other city in the northern United states until the great migration.  Unfortunately, Indiana also has a sad past when D.C. Stephenson of the Klu Klux Klan became a powerful political and social organization.  At the height of the KKK more than 40% of native-born white males in Indianapolis claimed membership in the Klan.

The city has become known as a sports tourism destination.

In the 1980’s the Hoosier Dome was built along with the Major Taylor Velodrome, Indiana University Nataorium, Carroll Track and Soccer Stadium and Indianapolis Tennis Center.  By building the Hoosier Dome the Baltimore Colts relocated to Indianapolis.  The 1987 Pan American games were hosted on it.

The development also led to the creation of Circle Centre Mall, Victory Field, Conseco Fieldhouse, and the Zoo. In the 21st century it built a new airport terminal…the Col. H. Weir Cook Terminal and Lucas Oil Stadium.   The Indiana convention center was also completed in 2011


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